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ruggiero hitting


Ruggiero Hitting Academy

Cleveland-based training business uses Upper Hand to gain the competitive edge

In 2017, entrepreneur and former Division 1 baseball player Anthony Ruggiero founded Ruggiero Hitting, an elite softball and baseball performance facility providing professional training to athletes across the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

As Anthony's business grew, so did the tasks related to day-to-day operations and it became increasingly more difficult for Anthony to maintain efficiency with hundreds of scheduling requests to his inbox and phone. He wasted valuable time trying to manage key aspects of his business while juggling the instruction. So he set out for a solution.


  • The increase of time spent doing administrative tasks hindered Anthony from growing his business
  • Growing frustration of clients due to lack of simple booking process and communication


  • Demoed various online appointment booking systems before deciding to use Upper Hand for lesson scheduling, facility management, staff assignments, event management, payment tracking, data analytics, and more


  • Anthony estimates the move to Upper Hand has given him back 20-25 hours per week
  • Increased lesson bandwidth by 60 sessions per month, adding $38,000 to $45,000 to annual revenue
  • Intuitive client experience has made it easier for clients to purchase and schedule sessions with little to zero friction

When Ruggiero Hitting transitioned to Upper Hand, it totally streamlined everything, including both the business end and the customer end. Scheduling and managing our sessions is super convenient now.

-David Yarmesch, client